Peanut Butter Cookie Murder

As summer quickly approaches the stakes are high in Flower Gap, Maine as the town gets ready for its annual Summer Picnic with the star dessert of Peanut Butter Cookies. When the only two bake shops in Flower Gap come together, there is an outcome of a Baking disaster in the kitchen as well as a murder hanging around. Will Flower Gap, pull the Picnic off or will the Picnic be a crime scene?

A Picture Perfect View 

With summer fast approaching. The Johnson’s are planning their annual vacation. There are some unexpected occurrences that they didn’t plan for. With murders on their agenda with a couple police investigations, and some secrets revealed. Will they be able to save their vacation or will they have to help conduct an investigation?

Death By Gingerbread

The Town of Tensile has been selected by The Gingerbread House Association to host their annual Gingerbread House Competition. With the whole town excited about the special news, something unexpected happens. 

As the Gingerbread Houses just finish drying, a body is discovered. Will they be able to save the competition, or will they have to end up eating the Gingerbread?

Death In Sparkling Cove 

As the stress of College exams come to a close. Summer is just around the corner, and students are beach bound. A vacation turns south when a body is discovered in the same hotel. Secrets are revealed that no one every knew about, and a total life transformation takes place. Will Sparkling Cove recover, or will it ruin the rest of their summer?

Order In The DEATH

​In a small Virginia town of Pine Hills, the owner of the local bakery, Sweet Treats is in for a surprise. Through a path of twists and turns of previous marriages, custody battles, and a hidden life insurance policy. A murder investigation is unfolded that leaves everyone stunned….

Small Town Hope

Cathy Woodhaven lives in Beckley, West Virginia along with her two daughters, Breanna and Caroline. Through marriage battles, it forces Cathy and the girls to move in with her grandmother two hours away. Struggles arise trying to transition into a new home and town. Cathy holds on and gets through it.


Another challenge comes up that Cathy or her grandmother, Wanda, doesn’t plan on. When Wanda’s given only two short months to live, it forces Cathy to rely solely on her faith in God.


On Christmas Eve, Cathy received good news she’d been praying about. Within a few minutes, Wanda passes away.


Later that evening someone's life changes, and Cathy’s thankful for holding on to her faith.

Caribbean Dreams and Murder 
A Seashell Bay Mystery

David and Martha met at the Broadway Coffee Company in Manhattan and it was love at first sight. Through a series of dates, David pops the big question and Martha says, "Yes." A honeymoon is planned, but one thing makes it onto the agenda that nobody even thought of. Will it spoil their luxurious vacation or will secrets surface in the midst? 


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